The CS DAWS system looks at inefficiencies in current healthcare practices and applies streamlining theories and automation technologies from other industries to improve supply delivery within the ambulatory care departments. 

The CS DAWS medical supply cart works within a system to eliminate supply hoarding, product expiry and waste in a purpose built environment.  It also addresses infection control by limiting supply exposure and incorporating touch open drawers.

The main modules are designed to be patient or procedure specific.  This way, there is a set amount of supplies at any one time.  The touch open drawers can store any ancillary supplies.  The bed side table provides a work surface in and out of the exam room as well as acting as a carrier for the procedure modules. The elevating shelf provides quick access storage for gloves or sterile wipes.  The shelf has an integrated task light to illuminate the work surface during evening shifts.  All work surfaces have a waterfall edge to prevent any liquid spills or supplies from rolling off the surface.  When the cart is compacted, it takes up no more room than an existing cart and reduces obstructions during transportation.  

With Jeremy Calhoun